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On this page you can find some of the musical projects that I have created and others in which I have participated as an author, composer or performer.

Among the different projects in which I have participated are; Default Effect (Hip Hop), Villacero (HipHop), Sardonicos (Funk), Tercer Tipo (Funk/HipHop), Anzestro & The Sastre (HipHop), Los Blaster (Pop) and Flopdebasito (HipHop/Funk).
I develop as a self-taught multi-instrumentalist musician in: piano, keyboards and synthesizers, guitar, bass, drums, electronic drums, percussion, accessories. As a musical author and composer, I create in an original way and at the same time record and produce my own music.
I really like playing the synthesizer or the electric guitar using a "Talk Box", recording melodies, verses or harmonies, as well as creating and co-creating new compositions and projects.
Último proyecto

Los Blaster

Antiblaster Single. Escucha todas las canciones de Los Blaster en Soundcloud

Expansión. Single Merkaba EP.

Viajero. Single Blasterland EP.

Teclados en "No tengo na" de Anzestro y The Sastre

Teclados en el disco "Nómade" de Anzestro y The Sastre

Talkbox en "Perfume Lento" de Tercer Tipo

Video "Refunk" en vivo

Talkbox en Single "Fiesta Groove Humo" de Tercer Tipo

Disco SUPERFUNK de Sardonicos

Carátula disco Superfunk de Sardonicos

"Regresé" de Sardonicos

"Me siento bien" de Sardonicos

"Funk Penetration" de Sardonicos feat. Sonido Acido